Slab on Grade
Neuber Concrete is in the forefront of research and development of new techniques and construction methodology to improve the quality and performance of Slab on Grade. Highlights include:
  • Placement of Super Flat Floors including dowel baskets, steel fiber, post tension, shake on hardeners and trap rock.

  • High tolerance "F" number floors.

  • Measuring for "F" numbers and F-min floors.

  • Supply and erect NRMCA approved on-site concrete batch plants.

  • Engineering and design services for SOG by team member Allen Face & Associates.

  • Extended warranties on all SOG designed and constructed by Neuber Concrete. Includes 3 year maintenance bond.

Exterior Paving
Neuber Concrete installs all types of site paving including:
  • Single slope
  • Dual slope
  • 3D paving
  • 30,000 sq.ft. +/- a day
  • Contour paving
  • Layout
  • Installation of stone base
  • Fine grading
  • 3D fine grading
Our Foundation service includes:
  • All types of footings
  • Layout
  • Excavation
  • Moving of spoils on site

  • Supply and install reinforcing

  • Formed walls



Neuber Concrete's Tilt-Up cababilities include a variety of architectural panels and engineering and design services:


  • Standard concrete panels

  • Insulated panels

  • Insulated sandwich panels

  • Exposed aggregate panels

  • Engineering and design services for tilt-Up wall panels, stuctural steel, and or the entire building package by our team member, The Kopf Consulting Group of Atlanta, GA